Authors in the Kitchen: Lorrie Thomson

It's my pleasure to introduce Lorrie Thomson, whose debut novel will be coming out next year with Kensington:

I once attended a Pampered Chef party where the representative asked each attendee to choose a word to describe herself in the kitchen. My painfully honest selection? Inept.

One of the benefits of writing fiction is that you can imbue your characters with all the gifts you yourself may lack. Natural athletic ability? Check. Technical savvy? Check. Cooking gene? Double check.

I blame my mother for both my lack of cooking skills and unflinching honesty.

Case in point--one of Mom’s baking attempts gone terribly wrong. Most people would’ve simply thrown the cookie mishap in the trash and tried another day. Instead, wanting to get credit for having tried, Mom covered her plate of cookies with plastic wrap and set it on the counter before a piece of paper that read, in large print: Tastes like poison!

"A" for effort, Mom.

To my credit, I’ve yet to produce anything that inspired such a proclamation.

Lucky for me, I married a man blessed with that ever-elusive culinary gene. Today, I offer a recipe, handed down, no surprise, from my husband’s side of the family. Read carefully and duly note Grandfather Andrew’s dry Scottish sense of humor.


Scant ½ cup rice flour. (If you don’t have it, use regular.)

3 ½ cups flour

¾ lb. butter

2/3-cup sugar

Remember to clean fingernails.

For best results, allow butter to come to room temperature. Cream butter and sugar. Mix in flour and knead well. Put in dish—don’t grease—to a depth of approximately ½”. Decorate and mark for cutting. Bake for 40 minutes in 350-degree oven.

When I’m not reading or writing, I’m hard at work in southern New Hampshire, serving my family non-poisonous meals.

Lorrie Thomson’s debut novel, currently titled Equilibrium, is about a woman who along with her two teenaged children, is trying to pick up the pieces a year after her husband committed suicide. Equilibrium is slated for publication by Kensington Books in June of 2013.