La Fortuna

As a girl who was born on Friday the 13th in a year that shall go unnamed, I tend to be a little superstitious. I carry a lucky dollar in my purse at all times. I read my horoscope. I try not to attract any mal occhio, as I have mentioned here, but most importantly, I watch for signs from the universe. One such sign appeared several years ago one evening as I was having dinner in an Asian restaurant with my friend Melissa. I was telling her about the book I was working on as we were finishing dinner when our fortune cookies came. She pushed the plate toward me, giving me first pick of the two lone cookies on the plate. And here's what I pulled from mine: Now, I eat a lot of Chinese food, and I've opened a number of cookies in my time, but none like this one. We laughed and exclaimed over the coincidence, and I tucked the fortune into my wallet. After that, whenever I got discouraged on the path to publication, I would pull out that little slip of paper. Finally, I scanned it, enlarged it, and laminated it so it could serve as a daily reminder of why I write. For publication, certainly. For profit, not so much. But mostly for love.

♥ ♥ ♥