The Not So Fancy Feast

With just days to go before we indulge in the epic meal of all meals, many of us are deep into menu planning. For me, that's where the real fun lies. I spend lots of time perusing magazines like this one: 

I stare at the pretty pictures. I scribble down recipes. I imagine my own Martha-worthy table, covered in dishes like Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Walnuts or Homemade Bread Stuffing with Oysters, Mushroom, and Sage. And then reality hits.

I have a family who expects the same candied yams each year ("the way Grammy makes them") and at least two diners who prefer their cranberry sauce sliced in neat circles with the can marks still on them. There must be a basket of cranberry oatmeal scones, though biscuits will do. If the aforementioned Brussels sprouts appear, they must be sauteed in olive oil. In fact, any vegetable that appears on the table must be sauteed in olive oil.  (I still remember the year I tried the fennel and grapefruit salad. It wasn't pretty.) There must be a FULL turkey, so that everyone can see, though not eat, the drumsticks. Desserts must never waver from A) apple pie and B) pumpkin pie.

So while I still enjoy imagining all the dishes I'll never serve, I've made my peace with the not-so-fancy-feast. Because here's what it really comes down to:

~Does the food taste good?

~Are the people you love eating it?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you're doing something right. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!