There's a New Sleuth in Town

Despite my laser-like focus on Downton Abbey for Sunday night viewing, I've recently caught up on Masterpiece Mystery's latest offering, Grantchester, based upon James Runcie's stories about village vicar and amateur sleuth, Sydney Chambers.

In the forefront is dishy James Norton as Sydney.

Like so many detectives, Sydney is conflicted about his duty to the dead versus his duty to the living. Add to that a solid case of PTSD from his experiences in WWII, the torch he carries for his old friend Amanda, and a weakness for whiskey, and you've got a layered, nuanced character. And yes, I'll say it: he's easy on the eyes. Norton's performance is solid, smart and sensitive without being cloying. And Robson Green is a breath of fresh air as the rumpled, world-weary local detective who allies with Sydney to solve some local cases.

So Masterpiece Mystery, please bring Sydney back for another season. James Runcie, keep writing those stories. Because there are worse ways to spend my Sunday nights than visiting the cozy village of Grantchester, curled up with a spot of tea. (Or a tumbler of whiskey.)