When is Enough. . .Enough?

Conventional wisdom says that writers should not be "political" in social media. That our readers have varying views, and getting political online could be a way to alienate those who buy our books.

Well, conventional wisdom went out the window yesterday when I received a call from my husband to tell me that there had been a shooting on the UCLA campus. Normally, this sort of news is met with a resigned shrug, as it is all too common these days. But our son is a graduate student there. He teaches in the building where the shooting occurred. I am relieved and endlessly grateful to say that he was safe in his apartment when the worst happened. But two other families were not so lucky.


Ironically, today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and right now, I am all too aware that my family had a brush with gun violence a mere 24 hours ago. Some of you reading this may have been touched by gun violence yourselves. If nothing else today, let's at least think about what has become an epidemic in the country we all love.