If It’s Fifty Degrees. . .

It's warm enough to grill pizza. Throw on an old sweatshirt and get out there!  I made my first batch this week:

Grilled pizza, with its bubbly, puffy, charred-in-places crust makes even the most pedestrian ingredients (pre-made pizza dough, grocery store mozzarella, spinach from a bag) sing out loud. I did a spinach pie for me and sausage for the men in the house, and whenever I make this, I eat myself into a carbohydrate stupor. It's super easy to do so long as you watch the grill. For this reason you should have all your toppings at hand. Whether it's a homemade batch or from the grocery store, I divide the dough in half and oil it lightly. It's easier to handle in smaller sizes on the grill, as is a slightly rectangular shape. I use medium heat. Once your grill is hot, throw that dough on for about a minute, then carefully flip it over. The partially cooked side serves as the top of your pie. Before I add ingredients, I usually let the bottom crust cook for a minute or so, shifting the crust carefully to aim for even cooking. (Which won't happen, by the way. You will get some blackened spots, but I say, embrace the char!) Once your bottom crust is beginning to brown, then add whatever strikes your fancy, finishing with your cheese. Close the grill for only brief periods and watch that sucker like a hawk, because you'll go from brilliant to burnt in a matter of seconds. Figure on four to six minutes total cooking time, and let it sit for a few moments before cutting. Pair with the best cheap wine in the house. Enjoy!

♥ ♥ ♥