Greetings From the (Real) Jersey Shore

For those of you whose only reference to my beloved coastline is a certain reality show, you may want to check out this sweet indie gem, Greetings from the Shore. A 2008 release, the film was made by Jersey natives Gabrielle Berberich, who wrote and produced, and Greg Chwerchak, who directed. The film was shot in Lavallette, and has lots of oooh-I-know-that-place moments for Jersey natives--like Barnacle Bill's, where two of the characters play miniature golf. The film opens with Jenny, played by Kim Shaw (and suggesting a young Meg Ryan), heading south on the Garden State Parkway to look for a summer job at the shore--something I dreamed of doing as a teen, but alas, never did. During that crazy summer she has run-ins with Russian mobsters as well as country club types, and has a sweet romance with the highly  delectable David Fumero. Paul Sorvino does a wonderful turn as a crusty fisherman who looks out for Jenny as a substitute father. If you're a Jersey native, check it out for nostalgia. For the rest of you out there, consider this film a pretty little postcard from a state with a whole lot more to offer than "gym, tan, and laundry." More about this fun film here.