A Jersey State of Mind

Fairleigh Dickinson University recently released a poll about Americans' general perceptions about my fair state. Below are the top five responses to "What comes to mind as you think about New Jersey?" As a proud Jersey girl, I thought it only fair to respond: 1. New York/next to New York You bet it is. And sometimes they even let us visit.

2. Shore/ocean/beach/boardwalk/boating

3. Garden State/farming/open space Finally, someone noticed! We eat real tomatoes here, people. 4. Corruption/crime/mafia/Sopranos Education/the arts/rich heritage/Springsteen

5. Pollution/bad smell/industry At least it wasn't number one. What comes to mind when I think about New Jersey? That's an easy one. Home.

♥ ♥ ♥

Information courtesy of PublicMind Poll. Images courtesy wikimedia commons.