Sunlight and Sea Bright

My go-to beach for a day trip is Sea Bright, in Monmouth County. It's a narrow strip of a beach with lots of parking and a short walk to the ocean. The people are friendly to tourists, and it has a couple of old-timey stores in town that look like they were frozen in 1965. (For some people, like yours truly, this is a draw.) Not only is it pretty:

It has a cute little library that shares a parking lot with the beach. I wandered in one day and got chatting with the librarian, who knew lots about the history of the town. It also has a lovely reading room you can hide out in if the sun gets too hot:

But I think I'll let this sign posted at the beach hut say it all:

Good-bye, Sea Bright. See you in June. . .

♥ ♥ ♥