Author Spotlight: Yours Truly

As a debut author, my budget does yet not allow for a publicist. So in the interest of economy, I have decided to interview myself to impart my latest news:

Yours truly: Well, you've finally gone and done it. What was it like to sign your first book contract?

Rosemary: The font is very, very tiny, so I needed my reading glasses. Then I couldn't decide which pen to use. And the thing is pages long, filled with words like "whereas" and "herein" and "exclusive." They really like "exclusive."

YT: Um, I meant that figuratively.

R: Oh. It was amazing. One might even say momentous.

YT: You've contracted with Penguin's New American Library division to write the first three books in a mystery series. Tell us a bit about it.

R: The mysteries are set at an Italian restaurant at the Jersey shore called the Casa Lido. My main character, Victoria, is a mystery writer who goes back home to research her family history, but instead stumbles into murder, mayhem, and romance. Each book will also feature a family recipe.

YT: Is there a character you're particularly fond of?

R: Vic's Nonna. She runs the restaurant with a steel spine and an iron hand. She's formidable and intimidating, but has a soft spot for her family. (Any resemblance to my own grandmothers is, of course, entirely coincidental.)

YT: For this series, you'll be writing as Rosie Genova. Catchy name. You knew I was born with it, right?

R: I'd heard that, yeah.

YT: So you've been at this writing thing a while. How'd you finally luck out?

R: Hmm. I've always liked this quote from Hemingway: "It is better to be lucky, but I would rather be exact. Then when luck comes you are ready." For the last seven years, I've tried hard to be "exact," to hone my skills as a writer.

YT: So besides the sweat of your brow, to what do you attribute this success? I hear you have a fabulous agent.

R: Absolutely. Many thanks to Kimberly Lionetti at Bookends, aka K-Lion, who pushed persuaded me to try my hand at a mystery. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention my awesome critique partners, Loretta Marion and Sarah Pinneo, author of the upcoming  Julia's Child.

YT: Anything else you'd like to add?

R: Yes--why are you wasting time on a self-indulgent blog post? Don't you have a book to write?

YT: Good point.

♥ ♥ ♥

Murder Marinara, the first in the Casa Lido mystery series, is slated for publication by  Penguin/NAL in December 2013.