Bloom Where You're Planted

The single daffodil that brightens the scraggly plot of bushes and day lilies along my back fence was likely planted by some ambitious squirrels. I know I didn't put it there. But on this first day of spring, it serves as a wonderful metaphor for those times in life we find ourselves in places we didn't expect to be. Maybe it's the job we didn't particularly want or the college that wasn't our first choice. Maybe the house we occupy isn't the home of our dreams. Maybe we never shook off the dust of the towns we were born in, or the stories we wrote for ourselves didn't quite have the ending we envisioned. More often than not, that's the way things go in life. And when they do, we have two choices: we can turn inward and shrivel in the soil. Or we can open our buds and blossom in the sun. On this gorgeous spring evening, may you continue to bloom.

♥ ♥ ♥