The ISR Pile, or. . .

books I Should Read.

I loved The Bluest Eye. Ditto Song of Solomon and Jazz. But I can't bring myself to even open Toni Morrison's best-known work, because I can't get past the premise: desperate slave kills her own children. (I can't watch stagings of Medea, either.)

My son loves this book, and assures me that Susanna Clarke is a genius who owes a debt to Jane Austen. But clocking in at more than 700 pages (and including nearly 200 footnotes), Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell is a daunting read. Part fantasy and part alternate history, this is one of those books I know I'd probably love--if only I could start it.

I'll think I'll just wait for the movie. . .

I did read The Sorcerer's Stone, but truth be told, I just didn't love it the way everyone else in my house did. My guys all keep telling me the series gets better and better, but I'm not particularly interested in learning fake Latin spells or in trying to keep track of hundreds of characters, human or otherwise. (As a teacher however, I do have a soft spot for Hogwarts, the school that becomes Harry's home and refuge.)

Now how about you? What's in your ISR pile?