Pen Pals, continued

After my last post I heard from my Aunt Barb, who still corresponds with her British pen pal. I'm happy to share a bit of her story in her own words: Just read your blog about the aforementioned pen-pals— just loved it.  In the days before student exchanges and after WWII, we had a teacher exchange.  When Sylvie's teacher returned to London she looked at the list she had acquired at Connecticut Farms School and told this young girl, “Look, this girl shares your birthday,” and so it began. Not only did Sylvie and I correspond, but our Mothers got into the action also.  My grandparents were English, emigrating from England in the late 1800's.  So with the war behind them and many, many needs post war, they began to send care packages to London, with things that were at the time unavailable, i.e.: tea, sugar, flour, etc. (Bisquick was a total mystery, lol!) And now to the present past.  Bill and I left Florida the day after Christmas '11 for London, so that Sylvie and I could celebrate our birthday, the date January 3, 2012. I was 75 and Sylvie 77.  We celebrate this year 65 years of friendship.  She is truly my little English sister. Thanks, Aunt Barb, for sharing this wonderful story!

♥ ♥♥