If I'm Gonna Kill 'Em. . .

I figure I might as well feed them first. So before any victims bite the dust in my books, at least they get a good meal.

 The idea for the Italian Kitchen Mysteries originally came from my agent, who thought an Italian restaurant would make a great setting for a cozy series. I thought if that restaurant were on the boardwalk at the Jersey shore, it could open up all sorts of fun possibilities.


My fictional restaurant, the Casa Lido, is a vintage classic. It’s got a great old bar, wood paneling, and of course, red-checked tablecloths. (I like to think it’s the kind of place Bruce might stop in to on the way home from a gig.) In keeping with the series’ theme, each book will feature a couple of family recipes that figure into the story.

 And since the Casa Lido is across from the boardwalk, there are plenty of other food options: great Jersey pizza, sausage and peppers, fresh seafood and homemade lemonade. Not to mention our own Kohr’s custard and salt water taffy. You can just smell it all, can’t you?

So I hope you'll join me as my mysterious journey begins. Murder and Marinara debuts this October, but if you'd like a taste, be sure to check out the excerpt here on the site. 

I’m so pleased to be kicking off my Rosie G website today. This gorgeous site was created by Waxcreative Design, Inc. Molte grazie to the fabulous Emily Cotler and Maxamaris Hoppe for bringing my vision to life.