What I'm Reading: February Edition

My current reading list is a smorgasbord of genres--mystery, contemporary romance, and fantasy. While very different books, each shares an important February theme: love.

memories 12


I'm just wrapping up Where Memories Lie, Book #12 in Deborah Crombie's popular series featuring Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James. I've been a fan of this series almost since its inception in 1993, and Crombie's in fine form in this entry. Gemma's involvement in a cold case leads her to one that Duncan is handling, and the connection of the two across generations is believable and fascinating. I adore Duncan and Gemma as a couple, and this book provides an oh-so-satisfying surprise at the end.

I'm about to start The Perfect Match, a contemporary romance perfect matchby none other than the reigning queen of the genre, Kristan Higgins. Just selected by the NY Times as one of the best romances of 2013, the story features a whole bunch of my favorite romance tropes: an endearingly flawed heroine, a marriage of convenience, and a hero with a British accent. Can't wait to curl up with this one!


 Neil Gaiman's Stardust is very much a fairy tale for adults--and a mildly spicy one at that! Young Tristran Thorn goes out on a seemingly impossible quest: capture a fallen star for the beautiful object of his desire. When his journey takes him beyond the high walls of his quiet village into a land of enchantment, he finds unexpected surprises, including the real meaning of love.

Happy Reading, everyone! stardust_libro