What I'm Reading

lucy kyte cWith Easter comes a much-needed break (both from day and writer jobs) and the luxury of time to read for pleasure. Right now I'm 3/4 of the way through The Death of Lucy Kyte, by Nicola Upson, the latest in her series featuring Golden Age mystery writer Josephine Tey as her sleuth.

In this entry, Josephine inherits a mysterious cottage from a godmother she never knew. But the place has a checkered past, figuring prominently in a 19th century murder. There's also a secret diary, distrustful villagers, and a "ghost" who may turn out to be a flesh-and-blood murderer. It's spookily atmospheric (I actually had trouble sleeping last night) and a traditional mystery in the very best sense. Savoring these last few pages!


summer's day

Can't wait to dig into this one--it's a prequel to the Ian Rutledge series, in which we get to meet Rutledge before he has to cope with the crippling effects of World War I. It will be fun to have a glimpse of his world in those last peaceful days. (But if I know the Todds, there will be shadows looming. . .)